Home Conservepump

Conservepump™ Water Re-use System

The iDUS Home Conservepump™ utilizes bath water or rainwater to flush toilets, reducing water consumption and the amount of sewage generated.

Bath, shower water or rainwater is collected and stored in a tank, and the Home Conservepump™’s smart technology automatically uses this water to fill toilets. The unit purges or re-circulates the stored water at a designated interval to maintain water quality and to ensure it is always ready for reuse.

In addition, the Home Conservepump™ automatically adds well or city water if the storage tank is emptied and helps to prevent building damage from leaks and floods by turning the system off when it detects a problem (for instance burst pipes or a stuck flapper valve on the toilet). For use in homes, businesses or cottages, the iDUS Home Conservepump™—the only smart water conservation technology—is affordable, reliable and quick to install and saves up to 30 per cent of daily water use. The Home Conservepump™ is conveniently powered by an auto recharge battery with solar charge option.


Key Features

  • Saves up to 30 per cent of daily water use
  • Doesn’t require harmful chemicals
  • Monitors greywater use and automatically flushes the system on a regular basis
  • Automatically uses household water when greywater or rainwater has run out to make sure you can always flush
  • Easily adaptable to the requirements of each installation as it can be used with any storage tank and toilet


  • Residential or business use
  • Particularly suited to applications where sewage is stored and hauled because one-third less flow to the holding tank means fewer pump outs and lowered costs.

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